GreenDotSolutions offers its customers compressor stations and units for various purposes. Our personnel introduced the following equipment classification for easy data presentation:

  1. Compressed medium:
  • Natural gas;
  • Associated petroleum gas;
  • Hydrogen and hydrogen containing gas;
  • Air and air separation products, namely nitrogen and oxygen.

We would like to highlight that our Company has vast experience in fuel gas treatment and compression for gas turbine units used in the power industry.

  1. Compressor unit type:
  • Centrifugal;
  • Screw;
  • Reciprocating;
  • Rotary vane and other compressor types (for more details, please, contact our personnel and provide information on the specific task).

GreenDotSolutions uses compressor equipment offered by reliable OEMs. Our Customers may witness FAT of the supplied equipment. If required, at the tender stage and before the contract is signed, we may arrange visits to compressor manufacturers and sites, where similar equipment is operated.

  1. Scope of supply:
  • Compressor equipment as part of Customer’s unit;
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions.

GreenDotSolutions often completes tasks, where the Customer wishes to get a ready-to-operate solution with all necessary process and auxiliary equipment mounted in a modular building with all necessary utilities, i.e. lighting, heating, ventilation, fire detection and suppression and gas alarm systems. Our Company is geared towards such projects. Our team has developed an extensive database with engineering solutions, which may be used for prompt preparation of technical documentation to fit a particular project.

If you are not sure that GreenDotSolutions can solve the task you have, please, contact us using any convenient means and get assistance from our personnel.

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