Gas treatment stations

GreenDotSolutions offers its Customers comprehensive solutions for natural gas treatment, which are widely used in the power industry. We develop and supply ready-to-operate units (generally of transportation dimensions) to minimize the requirement for on-site assembly works (with no need for additional assembly and preparation).

GreenDotSolutions offers turnkey project services including, but not limited to the following equipment:

  • Natural gas treatment units
  • Gas distribution units
  • Automatic gas distribution stations
  • Isolation and switching valve blocks

Depending on the task set by the Customer natural gas treatment equipment manufactured and supplied by GreenDotSolutions can be provided with the following units/assemblies:

Primary and fine filtering units for natural gas treatment;

  • Technological and commercial gas metering units;
  • Gas heating units;
  • Natural gas pressure reduction units;
  • Isolation valve units;
  • Data processing and interpretation systems

Supplied units may be designed for both outdoor installation and installation in heated buildings depending on the local climate of the site and Customer’s preferences.

If you are not sure that GreenDotSolutions can solve the task you have, please, contact us using any convenient means and get assistance from our personnel.

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